Contact Information
While it is important to us to be available to our partners, potential grantees, and the public, due to the large number of emails received, we may be unable to respond directly. 

Press Inquiries
Please include your outlet and your deadline in the subject line to

Grant Inquiries
Existing grantees may contact their program officer with questions. Visit the About page to learn about our funding priorities. 

Reporting Scams
The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is aware of fraudulent correspondence informing recipients that they have been randomly selected and awarded money, and asking them to confirm an email address or other personal information. If you receive such a message purportedly from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, please report the message as fraudulent to your network provider or social media platform. The foundation does not conduct any grantee outreach or correspondence via unsolicited emails or social messaging, will never request administrative fees, host lotteries of any kind, request donations or offer investment opportunities, nor request any private information such as banking details. For more information about the Federal Trade Commission's efforts against these kinds of fraud or filing a complaint with the agency, please visit Division of Privacy and Identity Protection and Report Fraud to the FTC.

Ethics Reporting
Employees and partners such as grantees, vendors, or other third parties, may visit Ethics Point, an anonymous service, to confidentially report issues that raise ethical concerns.

Grantee Code of Conduct
The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has high ethical standards governing our work, standards we also apply to our grantees, funding partners, vendors and contractors through our Grantee Code of Conduct. Our business practices and standards reflect our commitment to make and leave the world a better place.