Climate & Energy

Climate Adaptation

For those climate impacts that are now unavoidable, we must develop strategies that insulate the most vulnerable and critical species from extinction. Here are some of the projects and programs in our portfolio. 

Human-Assisted Evolution of Coral

In a five-year grant to the University of Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology and the Australian Institute for Marine Science Australian Institute of Marine Science, human-assisted evolution of coral is being explored to develop stocks of reef corals bred to be resilient to climate change's effects on ocean conditions (warmer and more acidic.)

Kelp Aquaculture

This project, led by Puget Sound Restoration Fund, will investigate seaweed cultivation as a potential strategy for locally mitigating the effects of ocean acidification in Puget Sound, potentially creative protective "halos" to protect and provide habitat for threatened marine species.



Climate & Energy

We create and enable innovative approaches to filling key data gaps, leveraging advanced technology to lower climate pollution, and data-driven initiatives for policy reform.

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